Trade Associations, and other similar organizations like professional societies, foundations, and nonprofits, are in the business of promoting the interests of their members.

Trade Associations

Their focus is helping their members be successful and finding ways to advocate on behalf of the interests of the group. As such, the legal needs of these organizations and associations are often not the organizations’ top priority.

Having extensive experience working with both businesses and state and local government, Riesterer Law is uniquely positioned to help these associations with their legal needs. We can come in to partner with an organization’s team at all levels, allowing the association to focus on helping its members thrive.

The Business of Trade Associations and Nonprofits

On the business side of their organization, our trade associations and similar types of clients often need help with the everyday legal matters that come up with running any type of business or nonprofit. You might be thinking about starting a nonprofit and need some help structuring the organization. If you already have an established structure, you may just need general legal support through something like an outsourced general counsel arrangement for day-to-day matters or help with more time specific requests and issues that arise. We can also provide support for the daily activities of your organization, such as conference planning or communication generation, if desired. Additionally, we can help navigate tax questions and filing needs that may impact your organization.

Government Compliance Assistance

On the government related side, we can assist your association with its compliance needs. Each type of organization has different rules regarding how it can be structured and how it can engage with advocacy work on behalf of its clients. We help you and your management team understand the current laws and regulations in place and determine if you are in compliance. If not, we make sure you have the proper structures and documentation systems in place to rectify the issue. If your organization is particularly politically active, we can also help address any questions that come up related to your organization engaging in direct advocacy, such as election and campaign finance laws.

Overall, we want to make sure you are able to focus on giving the best service you can for your members. Our team is here to help you make sure to avoid risk and help your organization succeed.

Does your trade association or similar organization need assistance? Email us at or call us at 216-245-2580 to discuss partnering with Riesterer Law for your legal needs.

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