Each business transaction is unique, but often businesses treat them as routine. Not carefully reviewing and considering a contract can, instead of building value, leave a company open to risk and potentially lost resources and costly litigation.

Business Transactions

We at Riesterer Law take time to learn about our clients and their objectives and use this knowledge to negotiate and structure business transactions. Our goal is to make sure to structure each transaction to provide a business with a strong position. We have seen many lawsuits that could have been avoided if a better contract had been put in place at the beginning of the agreement.

Throughout the course of business, new and different transactions come up often, particularly as businesses grow. Riesterer Law has extensive experience dealing with all types of businesses and their related transactions. These agreements could come up from external matters like buying or selling a business, a merger or acquisition, purchasing or selling real estate, or going into business with a vendor. Internal matters also can fall under this category, generally through items like employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and severance agreements, among others.

With each transaction, we think about how this will impact your business long-term. We consider your options and negotiate agreements that will help you be successful in the future and not leave you exposed to unnecessary risk. We take into account your future plans for growth and use this knowledge to make sure the contract is beneficial to your business now and in the future. We also will provide direction if we think a transaction is not in your best interest and entering into an agreement with a certain person or business could damage your organization.

How We Can Help Your Company With Business Transactions

Having worked with startup organizations to large businesses and nonprofits, Riesterer Law has extensive experience successfully crafting all types of contracts and reviewing existing ones. Ultimately, we want you to be well protected and will work to make sure we can do our part to help your business succeed.

Do you have any new transactions or existing contracts that you need help with? Contact us today to discuss partnering with Riesterer Law for your legal needs.

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Business Transactions

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