In the last few election cycles, Political Action Committees (PACs) have exploded in influence and prominence. Donations to PACs have increased dramatically and new PACs are being formed quickly to not only back candidates, but also specific issues and referendums.

Political Action Committees

Given the allowance for essentially unlimited donations to these organizations, many people have seen political action committees as attractive vehicles to create to exert influence. However, as it is still a relatively new way to contribute to a campaign, the laws for forming, running, and disclosing donations are fresh. Not having a strong handle on what the regulations are can leave PACs open to potential risks when they are first structuring and later fully operating.

Riesterer Law has been helping PACs be compliant and function for over a decade. Having significant experience working with clients on their government advocacy needs, our firm is able to quickly assess strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and opportunities to help both new and existing political organizations get on sound legal footing. We use our extensive knowledge to provide ongoing support as PACs seek to increase their fundraising, grow their influence and promote their messages.

Helping Political Action Committees

If you are thinking about starting a PAC, we can help with your structuring decisions and filing requirements. If you have already started one or are continuing to grow, we can help with everything from advising on financial disclosures and governance to ensuring compliance with all election and campaign finance laws. We keep our clients up to date on emerging local, state, and federal law changes that may impact them. Additionally, we keep an eye on proposed changes to make sure we can help your PAC pivot quickly if changes need to be made to keep your organization in compliance.

We also can provide guidance on ways to grow your political action committees and strategic direction of the organizations. We can conduct preemptive audits to ensure you are in compliance with all laws and ensure no one has engaged in unauthorized or inappropriate political activity. From our findings, we can suggest changes that will reduce your exposure to potential liability. Additionally, if you are involved with any investigations, Riesterer Law will be there to assist you during every step of the process.

It will be interesting to see how PACs continue to grow and evolve over the coming years, and Riesterer Law is committed to being a leader in providing legal support and solutions to this industry.

Are you starting or operating a PAC that needs legal guidance and support? Contact us today to discuss partnering with Riesterer Law for your legal needs.

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