Setting, achieving, and surpassing new growth targets are exciting milestones for a business. As a company grows and expands though, it brings forward new questions and levels of complexity. Determining the best way to expand and how to manage the risks and challenges that come with these decisions can be daunting.

Business Expansion

Having worked with clients that range from brand new organizations to established entities, Riesterer Law has helped clients through all stages of business expansion and understands the host of issues that can come with business growth. For a new company, this means helping implement the right structures and policies to allow for their current needs while having an eye towards future planned expansion. For more mature businesses, it involves looking at where they are today, how they are expanding, and assessing what needs to happen to help them continue to grow.

While each business grows differently, common issues tend to come up as a company expands and we can walk you through the legal implications for each area. Company structures and corporate governance structures often need to be assessed to determine if a change is needed based on the new business size and possibly new location. Additionally, you may make some changes to headcount – either increasing hires or streamlining business functions. If your expansion did involve moving to a new state or country, there are many considerations around different taxes and regulations that will need to be examined. Also, it will need to be determined if your current contracts, business agreements, and any intellectual property agreements need to be amended to address the expansion. Any ongoing legal disputes also will need to be reviewed to see if your changes will have an impact. Making sure to address these items, as well as others unique to your organization, will help you be in a strong position to capitalize on your expansion and continue to grow.

Business Expansion Lawyers

No matter the size of your business or how or when you are expanding, Riesterer Law will get to know you and your plans so we can be your partner as you grow. Is your business currently growing or thinking about expanding? Contact us today to discuss partnering with Riesterer Law for your legal needs.

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