Creative Fee Arrangements

Since our clients and their issues are so diverse, it’s unfair to adopt a single billing structure that applies to everyone.

We want our clients to be able to focus on growing their businesses and fulfilling their organizational missions, so we believe in working with you to find creative fee arrangements that are mutually beneficial and ensure you receive comprehensive support for your legal needs that fits within your budget.

Hourly billing is the typical law firm fee arrangement. We bill hourly, at times and when appropriate, but it certainly does not make sense for every situation.

Monthly/periodic retainers are another fee structure we often employ. Based upon your particular needs and your budget, we will work with you to establish a fixed monthly fee that will enable the firm to be on call for all of your questions and work consistently to address your needs during the retainer period (within the specific scope of a written attorney-client agreement). When we act as outsourced general counsel, we often bill this way.

Flat fees may also be available for specific projects and may be billed at the beginning or upon completion of the work. These are typically employed in situations where there is a well-defined issue or matter that can be addressed relatively quickly.

These are just a few potential fee arrangements. Riesterer Law understands that every client has a unique financial situation and will work to craft a fee structure that is advantageous for both of us. As a partner to our clients, we never want to impose a billing arrangement on our clients that does not feel like a good fit.

Fee Arrangements That Fit Every Client

Interested in discussing legal work with us and how it might fit in your budget? Contact us today to discuss partnering with Riesterer Law for your legal needs.



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