Intense scrutiny from all branches of federal and state governments, as well as consumer protection groups, means there is extra pressure to understand and ensure your company is precisely following all current rules and regulations. This can be hard to do when it seems like they are changing, or being threatened to change, every day.

Mortgage Companies

For mortgage companies, including lenders and brokers, it can be challenging to devote adequate time to ensuring your business remains in compliance while still providing an excellent level of service to clients.

Riesterer Law has been at the forefront of representing mortgage companies of all sizes for over a decade. Our deep experience has helped our mortgage clients stay informed on current laws, remain in compliance with applicable regulations, conduct transactions with confidence, and manage examinations and investigations.

There are stringent regulations at all levels of government, so making sure what you are doing is in-line with the laws of all jurisdictions in which you operate is imperative. We can help you navigate these different laws, as well as make sure you have proper protocols and documentation in place. There are steep penalties for noncompliance in the mortgage industry, so we understand how crucial it is for your business to follow the regulations correctly. One important piece of this is making sure you have the correct licenses in place to finance and service mortgages, as well as retain the proper documentation to maintain your licenses. We will also help you determine if you need to obtain any additional government approvals.

Experience Working with Mortgage Companies

Our experience working with mortgage companies has also allowed us to assist with many business transactions that often come up in this industry, such as mergers and acquisitions, formations of joint ventures, liquidations, sales, and repurchases. We can help with due diligence and conducting audits for any past, current, or potential transactions.

As this industry is so closely scrutinized, we are well versed in serving clients as they navigate any legal issues that may arise. From straightforward contract disputes to more complex cases, we can help you navigate the proceedings to best protect your company. No matter your size, Riesterer Law is here to work with you on the legal matters related to your mortgage business so you can focus on delivering value to your clients.

Have a legal question related to your mortgage company? Email us at or call us at 216-245-2580 to discuss partnering with Riesterer Law for your legal needs.

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Mortgage Companies

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